Pasir Panjang, Singapore

Labrador Tower

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Year: 2022
Client: SP Group
Location: Singapore
Creative agency: Wordsearch SG

[ The Client Vision ]

Future-ready offices

Located in Singapore’s CBD, this project embodies the integration of green technology into the modern working lifestyle. Boasting hyper-connected, sustainable offices, it is the strategic spot to launch your career.


The premium office oasis

Light-filled, open floor plans provide flexible, customisable office spaces with impressive sea views.

[ The Challenge ]

A fusion of contrasting concepts

Commercial projects aren’t our primary focus, so it was interesting to be taken out of our comfort zone. A balance had to be reached when effectively conveying both technical information and the abstract concept of workplace wellness.

Private onsen

[ The Team’s Process ]

Honing of new skills

This project provided us with a lot of lessons, and we were able to leverage new tools and techniques to create crowds and populate the virtual spaces with lifelike humans. Ensuring all these elements meshed well enabled us to upskill ourselves.

Labrador Tower Promotional Video

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