Making the future together.

App Developer

Strong understanding the ins and outs of Unity or Unreal. You will work closely with our UI/UX designer to implement features into the app. Your responsibilities include optimization and debugging the app, making sure the app works as it intended..

UI/UX Designer

The key to an intuitive and attractive app requires great understanding of navigation flow and graphic design. You will be tasked with designing the user flow and graphical elements. You will work closely with other team members and serve as a bridge between developers and content creators.

3D Visual Designer

With great eye for detail and greater photographic sense, you will be tasked with creating CGI renders with 3Ds Max. You are required to understand the goals of our clients, thus creating visuals that are both impressionable and functional.

Always Seeking

We always seek out individuals who are passionate in the craft of communicating architecture. Regardless of your background, as long as you have both flair and flare to create great artwork, and love to work with other like-minded individuals, the team will have a place for you.

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We are a creative studio who highly values individual creativity and team synergy. By pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and creativity, we create awe-inspiring & top-notch visual content, offering audiences a whole new perspective and invoke emotions deep within.


We believe quality and quantity are of the same importance. Quality of our visual work are able to improve brand authority and confidence level towards the project. On the other hand, quantity of visual can create brand identity and visibility to users.


Our team specializes in crafting great ideas with storytelling through our visuals. We can turn boring images into stunning visuals. As the proverbs say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, a stunning visual are able to convey a story to the audience.


We work hand in hand with each other together with our clients as a team. Because we know the importance of alignment and communication in order to bring out the same message and story through our visuals.

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