As a creative studio, we’re dedicated to the art of Visualisation, Animation and Virtual Reality.

As digital dreamers and storytellers, we’re driven by the hope that our crafts deliver impact beyond imagination.


Founded by 3 partners with various design backgrounds and multiple creative perspectives, our company began life in 2013. Over the years we have worked with a diverse range of local and international clients including some of the nations’ most recognised property developers.

Multiply Experience

It’s a proprietary process that begins with an obsession with details, beautifully crafted visuals and immersive virtual experience, magic moments, appreciation, and end with long lasting impression.


Little Things That Matter

Clients can become friends when true passions and values are shared. Good works of art or literature can be made great with a simple stroke or a choice word. In the modern world of design, art and animation, the slightest touch makes all the difference.

Obsession For Details

Great works are a not matters of chance. They are products of skills built over decades, and eye for details honed over countless hours of observation, all wrapped in an unbridled passion for the craft.

This, above all things, differentiates a good experience from an unforgettable one.


We are a creative studio who highly values individual creativity and team synergy. By pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and creativity, we create awe-inspiring & top-notch visual content, offering audiences a whole new perspective and invoke emotions deep within.


We believe quality and quantity are of the same importance. Quality of our visual work are able to improve brand authority and confidence level towards the project. On the other hand, quantity of visual can create brand identity and visibility to users.


Our team specializes in crafting great ideas with storytelling through our visuals. We can turn boring images into stunning visuals. As the proverbs say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, a stunning visual are able to convey a story to the audience.


We work hand in hand with each other together with our clients as a team. Because we know the importance of alignment and communication in order to bring out the same message and story through our visuals.


Our clients inspire us, giving us every reason to outdo ourselves with every new project. A respect for their expectations combined with the creative energies of our members is the driving force behind the growth of Studio Multiply.

© Copyright Studio Multiply 2020


© Copyright Multiply Studio 2020