Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Resort Villa



Year: 2023
Client: Matrix Concepts
Location: Bandar Sri Sendayan, Malaysia
Creative agency: Mega Advertising
Visual, Interior design concept & CGI: MULTIPLY

[ The Client Vision ]

Illuminated living spaces

Natural light, open air, a thoughtful curation of life in nature. Wide living spaces and refined textures, illuminated by both sun and moon to create a masterpiece of a home.


A masterwork collection

You bend light. You harness the wind. You carve caverns with a fine tooth comb. Because even the finest of the refined. Is still swill and scum and unfit for swine. And then, and only then will one have gone to the lengths that we have, to make a testament, to a living statement.

[ The Challenge ]

Meticulous design harmony

The concept designs of the interior space, the material finishes, and the colour palette had to be meticulously selected to perfectly fit the project theme. The living room and kitchen area in particular had extensive focus on space planning and furniture selection ensuring a balance between lavishness and believability.


Refined resort lifestyle

The sophisticated and secure living in a resort residence complete with an extensive list of facilities and open-concept layouts while being surrounded by nature.

Private onsen

[ The Team’s Process ]

Sheer visual splendour

This project required a degree of cinematic lushness to achieve the client’s vision. Employing darker tones, strategic focal lengths, and masterful cinematography techniques, we crafted a video that felt reminiscent of a cinematic film.

A refined and fitting statement

It is within this wide open space that you begin to curate the shapes and silhouettes of home, to create a masterpiece. At more than 7 thousand square feet, every facet of your home can be furnished to reflect yourself at its most authentic.

Master bathroom

Resort Villa Promotional Video

Swimming pool